Parental Control
for Windows and Android

Smartphones and computers offer children the world on a screen—a place where they can let their imaginations roam while sharpening their mental agility and academic ability. What’s more, children can access school assignments directly on the Internet and connect with friends through social media. Yet computers also present a serious source of worry for parents. Computers and smartphones expose children to certain dangers, such as questionable, even dangerous, material that they can easily stumble upon while surfing the Web.

And then there’s the problem of managing “screen time”: no one wants their kids spending all their free time sitting in front of a computer. Fortunately, you can avoid these kinds of problems and more—by installing Child Control on all devices that your children use.


For Windows

Use this program for all common Windows versions to provide a safer surfing experience and set various time limits for the Internet, PC and even specific programs, apps and websites.

For Android

Child Control for Android provides not only a safe surfing experience but can also limit time or block other apps and even the entire device. Now also including a free parental managing app.

Video Child Control

Manage your kids’ screentime

Use Child Control to setup a time limit for your Windows PC or to setup a time limit for your Android smartphone or tablet. Once the time limit has exceeded, the PC shuts down automatically and the mobile device displays a lock screen, which every child understands.

What we noticed: There is always a constant battle between parents and children about turning off the PC or mobile device. With our parental control solutions, the child tends to accepts the time limits without complaining. You don’t always have to be so strict: Once the time limit has exceeded, only programs or websites you allow can be accessed. A bonus can even be given if your child uses the desired programs or websites such as those found on educational platforms.



  • Daily, weekly or monthly limit

  • Block Times (1/4h resolution)

  • Time Limits for programs/websites

  • Extension time for each limit

  • Web Filter by category or age

  • Web Filter blacklist/whitelist

  • Web Filter unlock request via e-mail

  • Screenshot recording possible


  • Daily, weekly or monthly limit

  • Block Times (1/4h resolution)

  • Time Limits for programs/websites

  • Extension time for each limit

  • Web Filter by category or age

  • Web Filter blacklist/whitelist

  • Web Filter unlock request via e-mail

  • GPS location request for device

The Dark Side of the Internet

The Internet is indeed a highly interesting place for children, but there is also a dark side. This is no place for children and teens! A lot of parents are afraid that their children will stumble upon an unsuitable website. Our parental control solutions allow you to block access to unsuitable sites according to age or category. Or you can use the “Whitelist mode”: In this mode, you can define which websites are allowed while blocking all others. You can also set time limits for websites of your choice. This ensures that your children do their homework instead of wasting time playing online games.

Powerful webfilter in Child Control
Child Control Roaming Feature

Roaming: “Combined Time Counting”

This is a great feature if you want to stop your children from continuing play on a second device if the time has already been exceeded on the first device. Enable this feature for each device you want to add to “Multiple Device Counting”. If your child stops using the first PC and continues use on a second PC or mobile device, the second one will count time from where the first PC left off. This means, if total time on the first PC is higher, the total time on the second device will be adjusted automatically (an entry will be written in the Usage logs). See our Roaming Video

Holistic App and Program Control

Child Control does not only allow you to set a time limit for your entire PC or mobile device, you can also limit time or block certain programs, apps or even websites. For example, you can always allow educational programs or apps, but limit the time for programs such as shooter games or WhatsApp. You can even restrict access during certain hours (e.g. late evening). Time limits are highly flexible: Set a daily, weekly or monthly limit. You can set different limits for each day of the week or block access during certain hours. Finally, you can put similar programs or apps in a group and set a combined limit for that group.

Your Control Center: Web Portal

Use our Web Portal to set all your desired time limits and other restrictions. The section “Usages” gives you a detailed overview of all activity on your PC or mobile device. If a website is blocked accidently and the child clicks the “Unlock Request” button, you’ll get an E-Mail and then you can allow this website. The web portal can be accessed from every browser using any Internet device. There is also the Salfeld Portal App available for iOS and Android devices.

Any questions?

Salfeld is a small software company with more than 15 years experience in developing parental control solutions. Salfeld is one of the pioneers in technical parental control in Europe. If you have any questions or issues, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to assist you. Most questions are already answered in our FAQ. Use our contact page to get in touch with us


Everytime I want to take my kid away from the computer, he would throw a fit. Thanks to Child Control, this made my life easier.

Peter Walker

The bonus feature is really great, because my son is motivated to finish his homework before hitting the video games.

Clara Schuman

1 Star only! This program really sucks!!! I cannot play my video games anymore until my grades get better. I am really hating it!!!!

Kevin S.