Bonus TAN vouchers - Learn first, play later

Learn first, play later? Can you do that with Child Control? This question is often asked at support. The clear and simple answer is: **Yes, you can! We have the Bonus Apps and the Bonus TAN vouchers for that. For example, your child will receive 20 minutes of time credit if he uses the Vocabulary app for 10 minutes. More about Bonus vouchers

Is TikTok good or bad?

TikTok has become ubiquitous in social media culture, particularly among younger generations. The app, which allows users to create and share short videos set to music, has exploded in popularity since its creation in 2016.

TikTok has already surpassed a billion downloads and continues to grow exponentially. While the app has its fair share of critics, plenty of people enjoy it for its entertainment, creativity, and social connection.

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Roaming - Manage time (limits) on multiple devices

Roaming means sharing time and settings across multiple devices/users. Children often use a mobile phone, sometimes even a tablet, as well as a Windows PC to surf and play games. So it makes sense to count time together and set a central limit for all devices. More about Roaming

How much screen time for what age?

Screen time has become an integral component of modern children’s lives. They like spending time on smartphones, tablets, computers, televisions, and gaming consoles.

While screen time may have both educational and entertainment value for kids, excessive usage could harm development. Parents need to establish appropriate limits for their children’s screen time usage.

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Parent app (free)

With the free parent app, you can quickly and easily access basic settings of children’s devices from your Android smartphone or tablet without having to log in to the web portal. The parent app is ideal for quickly seeing at a glance how long the child has spent in front of the phone today. Or to grant a little extension after all. Or to lock or unlock the phone for a while. More about parent App