Bonus TAN vouchers - Learn first, play later

Learn first, play later? Can you do that with Child Control? This question is often asked at support. The clear and simple answer is: **Yes, you can!

We have the Bonus Apps and the Bonus TAN vouchers for that. For example, your child will receive 20 minutes of time credit if he uses the Vocabulary app for 10 minutes.

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How to Balance Screen Time and Play Time: Tips for Parents

Parents can foster a balanced digital lifestyle for their children by setting structured schedules and leading by healthy screen usage examples.

Encouraging a variety of physical and creative activities, alongside open dialogue and the use of parental control apps, further supports this balance.

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Navigating Online Safety: Teaching Kids About Internet Dangers

Online safety for children is crucial, yet often overlooked by parents. This guide emphasizes the importance of educating kids about cyber threats like cyberbullying and grooming.

It shares practical tips such as setting ground rules, using parental controls, and monitoring device use to ensure a safer online environment for the young ones.

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Roblox for Kids: Ensuring a Safe Gaming Experience

Roblox, a popular online game platform, presents safety concerns for kids. This guide covers essential parental controls and tips to ensure a secure gaming experience, from setting age-appropriate filters to monitoring interactions and teaching kids to recognize and report online dangers. More about Roblox for Kids

The Parent's Guide to Safe Online Games for Kids

Discover the ultimate guide for ensuring your child’s safety in online gaming. Learn about effective parental controls, establishing clear guidelines, educating on responsible gaming, and selecting appropriate games.

A must-read for every parent navigating the digital world with their children.

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How to Monitor Online Education - Tech Savvy Parenting

Transform screen time challenges into growth opportunities with Child Control. This innovative software offers parental insights, incentivizes educational use, and ensures uninterrupted learning access.

With detailed usage reports and customizable settings, it promotes responsible screen habits and fosters family discussions, bridging the technology gap. Embrace a balanced approach to digital parenting with Child Control, where discipline and development go hand in hand.

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Is TikTok good or bad?

TikTok has become ubiquitous in social media culture, particularly among younger generations. The app, which allows users to create and share short videos set to music, has exploded in popularity since its creation in 2016.

TikTok has already surpassed a billion downloads and continues to grow exponentially. While the app has its fair share of critics, plenty of people enjoy it for its entertainment, creativity, and social connection.

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Roaming - Manage time (limits) on multiple devices

Roaming means sharing time and settings across multiple devices/users. Children often use a mobile phone, sometimes even a tablet, as well as a Windows PC to surf and play games. So it makes sense to count time together and set a central limit for all devices. More about Roaming

How much screen time for what age?

Screen time has become an integral component of modern children’s lives. They like spending time on smartphones, tablets, computers, televisions, and gaming consoles.

While screen time may have both educational and entertainment value for kids, excessive usage could harm development. Parents need to establish appropriate limits for their children’s screen time usage.

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Parent app (free)

With the free parent app, you can quickly and easily access basic settings of children’s devices from your Android smartphone or tablet without having to log in to the web portal. The parent app is ideal for quickly seeing at a glance how long the child has spent in front of the phone today. Or to grant a little extension after all. Or to lock or unlock the phone for a while. More about parent App

Understanding Snapchat Parental Controls: A Comprehensive Guide

Unlock the world of Snapchat, where teens chat securely with friends, backed by robust Parental Controls. From private chats to engaging stories, ensure a safe, fun experience for your teen.

Explore now and embrace secure digital communication!

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Android vs. Windows Parental Controls: Which is Best for Your Family?

Discover the ultimate guide to protecting your children online with our comprehensive comparison of Android vs. Windows Parental Controls. Delve into a world of enhanced safety features, from customizable time limits to advanced web filters. Understand the unique benefits each platform offers to make an informed decision for your family’s digital well-being. Whether it’s managing screen time or blocking unsavory content, find out which system aligns best with your parenting needs. Stay ahead in the digital age with our insightful analysis. Read more about Parental Controls

What is Hive Social Media? A Parent’s Guide to New Social Platforms

Dive into the world of Hive Social Media, the latest digital hangout for teens. Discover its unique features, from location-based networking to private hives, and learn how it’s reshaping social interactions.

Parents, stay informed about its benefits and risks, and explore strategies to ensure your child’s online safety. Embrace the digital era responsibly with Hive Social Media.

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