Bonus TAN vouchers - Learn first, play later

Bonus TAN vouchers via bonus apps

“First learn, then play? Is that possible with Child Control?” This is a question we often hear at the support desk. The clear answer is: Yes, you can!

For this purpose we have the Bonus Apps and the Bonus TAN vouchers. This is how it works: Go to the Apps section of the web portal and choose how much time credit or bonus you want to receive when you use a particular app. For example, if you use the vocabulary trainer app for 10 minutes, you will receive a 20-minute credit. Of course, you set the values. The bonus is paid out in the form of Bonus TANs. These are 6-digit codes that are assigned to your set credit (bonus time). Once a time credit has been generated, it is immediately available to the child on the mobile device. Bonus TANs can also be saved and redeemed at a later date.

Learn first, play later

With a short daily time limit (e.g. 10 minutes) you can force and encourage the use of the desired bonus applications. Only when the child has engaged with the bonus apps you have set will he or she be given more time.

The creation and redemption of Bonus TAN vouchers can be tracked in the Report section of the web portal. In the History System section you will find records of when a bonus application was started or when a bonus TAN was generated. Bonus TANs appear in the Web Portal under the TAN voucher menu item next to normal TANs and can also be deleted there. But be careful when deleting them: the child has usually earned a Bonus TAN by using the Bonus App.

Questions or suggestions?

In our manual you will find the chapter Apps where all Allwed Plus (Bonus) settings are explained with screenshots. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us via the Contact page.