Child Control 2017
and some other Stuff

If you are a long term customer, you might have noticed: The current 2017 version does not come with any new revolutionary features. It is more about continuing the 2016 version. The largest break through in 2016 was when we switched to our new Web Portal. Of course, such a switch came with some growing pains. So the first major goal was to fix all these issues before working on new features for the 2017 version. One of the most important features in the 2017 version is the new “Roaming” feature. Roaming means combined time counting. If you enable this feature on your devices, counted times are automatically transferred from one device to the other. That allows you to see (and limit) how much time was used across all your digital devices combined. See the short video about roaming below.

ONE Parental Control

Roaming and the new web portal, which we’ve introduced in the 2016 version, both have one major goal:  To provide ONE parental control solution and ONE portal for all your devices, regardless of whether your kids are using computers, smartphones, tablets or all of the above. We’ve already changed our licencing terms: You can use your existing Child Control serial numbers for Chico Browser or vice versa. We’ve recently introduced a multiple licence calculator, which allows you to select a duration (12 or 24 months) and the number of devices (1-10 devices).

Speaking of new features, there is a clear focus on mobile devices. Child Control for Windows PC is almost “feature complete”. Most features on our wish list are related to the mobile platforms and Chico Browser: We will be adding features like Bonus, TANs, screenshots as we already have in Child Control. Let us know what the most important features for YOU are! (Contact)

Future of iOS

Regarding iOS, iPhone and iPad: Unfortunately, Apple has a very restricted operating system. It does not allow app developers to access some of the interesting system features. Apple does not want to provide 3rd parties access to their system. All the interesting Chico Browser features, such as device time counting and time limiting for apps is technically not possible. Every other app developer has these problems, too. So, the only feature we can provide on iOS devices is safe surfing. This isn’t enough to provide a rich feature parental control solution. So we’ve decided not to continue developing the iOS platform.

Your Feedback is appreaciated!

Let me take this opportunity to say thank you for all your feedback and suggestions. Keep it up! A lot is still on the way. Stay tuned.

Explainer Video Roaming