Roaming - Manage time (limits) on multiple devices

Roaming means sharing time and settings across multiple devices/users. Children often use a mobile phone, sometimes even a tablet, as well as a Windows PC to surf and play games. So it makes sense to count time together and set a central limit for all devices. This is exactly what the roaming feature with different roaming accounts in Child Control is for.

A small example

Let’s say you have two children, each with a Windows PC and their own mobile phone. Now you want to set a central time limit for each child, regardless of whether they are using the PC or the mobile phone. You do this by assigning the device or user to one of five roaming accounts in the web portal. Any settings you manage for a device belonging to this roaming account are automatically applied to all other members. So if you shorten a time limit on the PC, the time limit on the phone is automatically adjusted. Block a website on your phone and it will be blocked on your PC. Roaming even goes so far as to synchronise the limits of individual programmes or groups of programmes across all participating devices.

One account for all devices

When it comes to counting time, think of roaming as a shared time account. No matter which device you use, you pay into this account and your time increases accordingly. When you switch from PC to phone or vice versa, the time counter on that device is immediately adjusted. You can also see this in the logs: Here you can see the central roaming time and the time counted on the device. These may differ, for example if the phone has not been connected to the internet for a while. A permanent Internet connection is therefore a prerequisite for synchronising times and limits on all devices.

A total of five roaming groups are available, so you can set common settings and times for up to five children per web portal login.

Advantage: Centralized settings

Once devices are associated with the appropriate roaming account, all settings are synchronized. So if you change an app or website limit, or add an unwanted website, it will be applied to all your roaming devices.

Extension time now included

In older versions, an extension was always device related. In current versions, the extension is now applied to all roaming devices. So when a limit is reached and you grant an extension, it will apply to all defined devices.

More information

In our manual you will find a chapter Roaming where all settings are explained with screenshots. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us via the Contact page.