Licence and serial number

You can try and use all our programs and apps for 30 days for free. If you wish to extend the trial period, simply contact us. If you want to use the software permanently, you need a licence. You will receive this in the form of a serial number. (Goto order page).

A serial number is required for each of the child’s devices. Exceptions are multi-user licenses: A serial number can also be entered here for several devices. Using the Web Portal and the Parent App are free of charge, you do not need a licence for them.

How to move a licence?

If you want to move a licence to a new device, please find detailed instructions in our FAQ: How to move a licence?

Where can I find my serial number?

If you purchased the product directly from us, you will find your serial number on the invoice or email we sent you after ordering. If you have purchased the software via a dealer (e.g. Amazon), the serial number of the shipment is enclosed (either as a license card or as an imprint in a CD booklet). If the parental control is already active, you can also find the serial number directly in the Web Portal under the menu item Settings -> General -> Licence.

Move an existing licence to another device?

A licence can be moved from one device to another as often as desired. A licence is also not “bound” to a specific e-mail address. Please uninstall the app on the old device so that the serial number can be used again. Then download and install the app or the Windows version on the new device and enter the serial number again.

If there are problems with the serial number (e.g. because the old device is lost, broken or stolen and the software can no longer be uninstalled there), you can reset the serial number as follows: Log on to the Web Portal and select the “outdated” device. If you have several devices and are not sure which one is the old one, you can check under “Sync” which one has the oldest sync date. For the corresponding device select Web Portal -> Settings -> Delete device. By this action the serial number gets deleted (for this device) and can be used for another device.

Extend existing license to further devices?

If you would like to extend an existing license to further devices, you can use our upgrade page for this purpose (existing licenses will be deducted there).