Parental Control: Keep Your Family Safe with Child Control Software

Intuitive and Comprehensive Features to Help You Monitor Your Children's Online Activity

Parental Control Software Child Control

Family Friendly Solution

We get it: Parenting is a difficult job – which is why we are committed to providing a family-friendly, easy-to-use, effective way to keep your child safe and protected online. Available for Windows and Android devices, the Parental Control Software Child Control is easy to use and provides a comprehensive range of settings and options to help you create a safe and responsible environment for your family.

Settings and Features for Maximum Online Safety

Child Control allows you to tailor your settings to your family's needs. Create detailed settings for each of your children, including web filters, time restrictions, vouchers, and much more. With Child Control, you have the maximum control you need to keep your family safe online.

Joint Counting for Multiple Devices

Child Control offers a joint counting option for both Windows and Android devices - allowing you to use the same account to monitor and control multiple devices in your home. With Child Control, you can easily keep track of your children's online activity across various devices and platforms.

Easy-to-Use Voucher System

Our Parental Control software includes a simple and intuitive voucher system, making it easy to manage internet access for your family. With the voucher system, you can easily manage access for each of your children and ensure that they are using the internet safely and responsibly.

Powerful Features that Keep Kids Safe Online

Time management

With Child Control, parents can set time limits on their child's device usage, ensuring they don't spend excessive time on screens and instead engage with other activities such as studying and outdoor play.

Age-appropriate content

Child Control enables parents to restrict access to websites and apps with inappropriate content based on the child's age, providing a safe browsing experience.

Activity journal

Child Control maintains a comprehensive activity log of your child's internet usage, including the websites visited and time spent on each site. Parents can monitor their child's digital activity and identify any concerning patterns.

Content filtering

Parents can select appropriate content and block inappropriate websites and applications with the built-in content filter.

Remote control

Child Control lets parents remotely control their children's devices even when not at home, giving them peace of mind.

...and so much more.

Unlock the Many Benefits of Digital Parental Control:

Improved academic performance

By limiting screen time, parents can help their children focus on educational tasks, improving their grades and overall performance.

Safe browsing

With the content filter feature, parents can rest assured that their children are not being exposed to inappropriate content online, creating a secure browsing experience for their kids.

Reduced screen addiction

By setting time limits and monitoring their children's screen time, parents can help reduce their children's risk of becoming addicted to screens, promoting healthier lifestyles and greater physical activity.

Improved family relationships

By setting healthy limits on screen time and encouraging other activities, Child Control promotes better relationships between children and their parents.

Enhanced safety

Child Control enhances digital security by restricting access to inappropriate content and monitoring online activities to ensure no cyberbullying or other safety risks are present.
Parental Control for Android and Windows
With Child Control, parents can experience peace of mind knowing their children are safe and responsible online. Get our Parental Control software today and give your children the gift of smart screen time! Download Child Control Today!

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