About Us

Who we are

Salfeld was founded in the mid 90’s. Like so many IT professionals Dierk Salfeld’s first contact with computers was with the legendary Commodore C64. After playing around with the programming language BASIC, this computer was primarily used for gaming. Later during his education Dierk Salfeld’s wrote his first security programs for Windows-PCs (which was then Windows 3.1). The main purpose for the software was to make sure that the school computers were being used appropriately. From this security software, the idea of „Child Control“ was born in 1998, making Salfeld one of the pioneers in the field of PC parental control systems in Germany.

With the help of suggestions coming from users and parents, the software was constantly improved; and that is still the case. Sometimes ideas are implemented within a couple of days. Through the years Salfeld has grown and so has our software range. Till the mid 2000’s Windows was the most widely used platform. Nowadays we also work with other devices such as smartphones, tablets and much more as well as other operation systems such as iOS and Android. One of the biggest challenges of the future is the merging of all these things together to allow customers to use our products on a variety of devices.

Where we are

Salfeld is located in Stuttgart, Germany. Stuttgart isn’t only known for great beer but also for the second largest Volksfest in the world. In addition companies such as Daimler, Porsche and Bosch can also be found in the region. Unlike large metropolitan cities such as Paris, New York and Tokyo, Stuttgart has more of a small town feeling. This has not however stopped us from selling our software to over 100 different countries and growing.

And you?

Are you curious? Yes, we are too! Tell us what you think about our products. We also appreciate your criticism so we can make improvements for you and for the future. Click here to contact us.

Imprint / Contact Information

Salfeld Computer GmbH
Königstrasse 10c
70173 Stuttgart

Phone*: ++49-1805-990 10001
Fax*: ++49-1805-990 10009
E-Mail: info (at) salfeld.com

CEO: Dierk Salfeld
Trade Register: AG Stuttgart HRB 354434
Value added tax identification number: DE214606126

*14 ct/min from Germany, 42ct/min via German mobile
Costs from other countries may vary