We would like to express our genuine thanks to all the users of previous versions of Child Control who have offered us their thoughts and suggestions for improvements. We have taken many of these to heart and built them into the latest version. If you, too, have ideas for improving Child Control, we look forward to hearing from you. Just fill in our contact form.

Ready for Vista
Child Control 2007 is compatible with all versions of Microsoft’s new Vista operating system (Home Basic, Home Premium, Business and Ultimate). Child Control also runs on all previous versions, including XP, Windows 2000, and even ME, 98 and 95.

An Improved Overview
Find out at a glance what limits have been set for each user. At the same time, the overview lets you know how much time each user has used up, and how much is still available. The Security Check function reveals whether your configuration is adequate to defend your computer against kids who may be out to test their prowess. You can also reset all accumulated usage times to zero with a single click.

New Ways of Blocking Web Pages
Set up time limits and off-limits hours for individual web pages (URL’s). Limit the amount of chatting or gaming your kids can do at a given site to the framework you have established. Informative sites, such as those that help with homework, remain freely available. Of course, you can still block certain pages completely, or permanently enable them. Child Control also supports well-known filtering protocols such as ICRA, and allows you to block pages containing prohibited terms.

More Suggestions
What are the most frequently used programs requested web sites on your computer? Our new Top 10 list will tell you. Our server will also tell you which programs and pages are the most popular with other Child Control users.

More Control Over Programs
Decide when a given program can be accessed—always, at certain times, or not at all. You now see not only the name of the program’s executable file, but also its actual name. You can also block certain programs at certain times (for example: no chat programs after 8:30 p.m.).

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Other Improvements

Enhanced Security: By analyzing previous attempts to break Child Control, we have focused on strengthening security in those areas. Our new security measures apply to users with Administrator privileges, as well.

More Precise Time Specifications: Added flexibility for setting start times: Previously, these needed to start on the hour. Now, the start of blocked periods can be specified to the minute (for example, as starting at 8:15 p.m. instead of 8 p.m.).

Greater Convenience for Network Users: If you’re on a network, it’s now a simple matter to access other computers and establish time limits for them. This can now be done quite easily, without having to set permissions or file access.

Improved Email Delivery of Log Files: You can now have your logs sent to you automatically through our mail server. This eliminates the need for complicated settings for email delivery.
More Details and Features on Logs: Now see the time used by web pages, Top 10 programs, and other URL’s. Implement new application and website restrictions directly from the logs.

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