Antivirus notice

If Child Control does not (or no longer) work properly or synchronisation fails, this may well be due to the installed antivirus or (any other) security software. Please keep in mind that both antivirus programs and our parental controls automatically receive updates, i.e. it is quite possible that it does not work from one day to the next.

If your antivirus has blocked parts of Child Control, this should usually appear in the reports of the antivirus program. Check such reports for the file names below. With most antivirus programs, it is not only necessary to create a firewall rule for Child Control, but it is also necessary to specify that Child Control is not mistakenly detected as malware or potential danger. You can usually do this by adding the following files to your antivirus program as exceptions:

c:\programdata\software\cc (as path)

Port 80 (http) and port 443 (https) are used as ports. Please make sure that a third party firewall allows all requests to * including subdomains (e.g.,

No settings are necessary for the Windows Antivirus Defender and the Windows Firewall. If there are already problems with an antivirus program during the installation of Child Control, a simple deactivation of the antivirus is normally not sufficient (drivers are still loaded). Many customers have already solved the problem by uninstalling their antivirus, then restarting their PC, then first installing Child Control and after that installing the antivirus program again.

Tip: If you have made your settings and everything works correctly, set a password (if possible) in your Firewall/Internet Security program. This prevents third parties from resetting these settings. After all changes have been made, restart your PC once.